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This 4-week program of study is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills that are required for you to become a Phlebotomy Technician!

Our Phlebotomy Technician Training Program consists of 4-week Training – and you can choose between a full Virtual and Hybrid Settings. This program is a comprehensive program dedicated to teaching students the fundamental aspects of patient care. Graduates of this program will be able to engage in the following practices: infection control practices, feeding residents, ADL care, vital signs, observing resident rights, feeding assistance, and more!


After successful completion of this course, students can expect to sit for the NHA exam to be a Phlebotomy Technician. Students can expect to work in the following settings: long-term care facilities assisted living facilities, hospitals, hospices, and home health.

The Phlebotomy Technician Program educates students to collect, process and properly transport laboratory specimens, correctly label specimens, identify pre-analytical errors, and clinical procedures under the supervision of a Physician or Nurse Practitioner. Phlebotomy Technicians typically work in conjunction with clinical laboratory personnel and other healthcare providers in clinics or other

healthcare facilities. They also may work within the hospital, private physician offices, laboratories, etc. Through classroom work and skills lab training, students learn to collect blood specimens by venipuncture, finger sticks, heel sticks, perform vision and hearing screening, etc. Students do not need to leave the school to attend any other location for this portion of the course. The end of the course includes clinical practicum which will occur in lab during normal class hours. Upon successful completion of the program, students are prepared to sit for the National Healthcareer Association Certification Exam. The NHA Certification is not a requirement for the completion of this program or a requirement of employment in the state of Georgia. Students will be eligible to take the exam after successful completion of the program, if they choose.

Our location storefront facility with 1000 sqft in total. We are located in the main bus line. Our facility is divided up to three-main parts:

Our director’s office, the larger area of the lab and classroom which have a shared area. Our facility seats 10 students per class. We offer different learning modalities for the different learner types. We have a TV and a white board for the visual learner and mock lab for the kinesthetic learner. In our lab, students can find a sink to ensure they can observe infection control as well as gloves, gowns, googles, lab chairs, centrifuge, vacutainers, artificial arms and other simulation equipment to aide in the learning process. The parking lot has adequate parking for our students to instructor ratio of 10:1. There is also a restroom located on site.

  • - Program Application
  • - Application fee of $50   
  • - Course Deposit ($500) (Non-refundable but goes towards full tuiton)
  • - Entrance Exam
  • - Government-issued ID
  • - Social Security Card

  • - A total of $2500
  • - We have payment options click here for more information.

  • - Student Enrollment Agreement
  • - Entry Exam
  • - Proof of Hep B Vaccine

  • – Resume Preparation
  • – How to Conduct Job Searches
  • – Understanding Interviewing Skills
  • – How to Accept and Negotiate Job Offers
  • – Access to Employer Contact List

We are not just providing you with a phlebotomy class. We are also providing you with webinars and short courses on various topics to boost your knowledge and career growth.

Check out updates for our upcoming webinars and short courses!

  • – An internship is NOT required for this program.
  • – 4 Weeks of Training with your option to choose between full-virtual, where you can learn at home or anywhere you can, we also have at-your-pace setting and you will learn from the recordings of the class. If you choose to, you can also come in daily in our facility and use our computers for your classes.
  • – Daily Classes start at 8:30 AM EST until 4:30 PM EST. Although this does not require the students to be on zoom the whole time, this can also be spent on quizzes, schoolwork, and offline activities.
  • – Replays of the daily classes are uploaded to our student’s learning dashboards so they can review them anytime they can.
  • – Prepare students for success in a healthcare career path leading to post-secondary programs that license health professionals.
  • – Uphold the honor and high principles of the profession and accept its disciplines.
  • – Develop attitudes consistent with those expected of an individual working in the health care industry and society in general.
  • – Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and professionalism required by employers and patients.
  • – Identify common clinical procedures performed in the medical office.
  • – Demonstrate knowledge of the systematic examination of patients.
  • – Apply administrative principles in the medical office setting.
  • – Demonstrate knowledge of EMR, office accounting, and medical law/ethics to work in an office.
  • – Apply for and pass the Certification Exam through National Healthcareer Association (NHA).
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